How to Recover Files from a Formatted Pendrive/ Hard Disk


Sometimes we face the fact that we want the files back we just deleted from the hard drive. Or the worst thing occurs when you unfortunately formats your Pen-drive or Hard Drive. Well first you should know that any files from a storage memory can be recovered. There is a lot of software available for the purpose file recovery on the internet. In this tutorial, I will show how to recover files that you deleted/formatted … Continue reading

ট্রাস্ট ব্যাংক হতে সঞ্চয়পত্র ক্রয়ের প্রক্রিয়া || যা যা লাগবে


তফসিলভুক্ত ব্যাংক হিসেবে ট্রাষ্ট ব্যাংক হতেও বাংলাদেশ সঞ্চয়পত্র ক্রয় করা যায়। ট্রাষ্ট ব্যাংক হতে সঞ্চয়পত্র ক্রয়ের জন্য যা যা লাগবে তা হলঃ আপনার এক কপি ছবি (সত্যায়িত) আপনার NID কপি (সত্যায়িত) নমিনির এক কপি ছবি (আপনার দ্বারা সত্যায়িত) নমিনির NID কপি (আপনার দ্বারা সত্যায়িত) আপনার TIN সার্টিফিকেট গতবছরের ট্যাক্স রিটার্ন স্লিপের কপি (যদি থাকে) ট্যাক্স রিটার্নের IT10B ফর্মের কপি (যদি থাকে) উক্ত কাগজপত্রাদি সহ আপনি যত টাকার সঞ্চয়পত্র ক্রয় করতে চান সে পরিমান টাকার একটি … Continue reading

How to Change Keyboard Layout in Windows


Keyboard key assignment is the settings that tells Windows which button is pressed. The default assignment or keyboard layout is what you see marked on the key caps. In simple, when you press the ‘S’ button on your keyboard, the key layout tells Windows that the button were pressed was ‘S’. If you want, you can change that. You can set one key to act as another key. Even any key can be disabled modifying … Continue reading

Symphony Tab T7 Ultra – Cheapest Tab in the Market


Symphony Xplorer T7 Ultra, the cheapest Tab till now from Symphony available from the beginning of September. It features basic Tab qualities and focus on the work environment of a Tab at a lower price. T7 Ultra wont be good at gaming but you get a large screen for reading, browsing, watching movie. Oh! Xplorer T7 Ultra features the latest version of Android OS, 4.4.2 KitKat. OTG features enables to connect any Pendrive or Portable … Continue reading

How to Use Free Airtel Internet in PC


A working Airtel free internet tricks for PC is now working with 3G speed (1mbps). The limitation is, only 100MB can be used per day. You need an Airtel SIM and a modem like GP 3G or Teletalk Flash Modem. As I always say, these tricks are from the operator, itself. You need to have any 3G internet package activated to have working internet connection. Let’s see, how to use free Airtel internet with 3G … Continue reading

Astable Multivibrator Design using 555 Timer IC


Astable Multivibrator is one of the many uses of 555 IC. Astable means the output is not stable in any position whether it is high or low. It continuously fluctuates between high & low state so we can call it an Oscillator. Here we demonstrate how to design a rectangular wave oscillator using the most popular 555 timer IC and calculate other components value for a required frequency. Lets see the pin allocation of 555 … Continue reading

How to Save Video From Browser Cache


Very often we watch videos online that is we stream videos but we can’t save it for future. So, here is the solution for you how to save video that you have seen once without re-downloading it again and without any other software. Actually, when you play a video online for the first time, it is fully downloaded and then played or simultaneously loaded & played. Every browser keeps this copy of files and you … Continue reading

Documents Required to Open an Account in Sonali Bank


Sonali bank is one of the four govt. bank of Bangladesh. To open a new personal account in Sonali Bank you need to submit few documents that are mandatory. There are several kinds of accounts to be opened. And the required documents also varies. To open a Personal account you need to submit this documents: 2 copy passport size color photographs of a/c opener Photocopy of Nationality document/certificate i.e. birth certificate National ID card photocopy … Continue reading

How to Utilize Full Internet Bandwidth


There are things that prohibits the use or utilization of full internet bandwidth of your connection. You usually wont get 100% speed for your work like browsing or download. So, there are the ways below to enable you to utilize full bandwidth of your connection. Works to do: Drain out DNS Cache Disable Unnecessary Service Disable Bandwidth Reserves Update Network Card Driver Reset WinSock Drain Out DNS Cache: 1. Press the windows button and search … Continue reading

How to Design a Multiple-Feedback Band-Pass Filter


A Multiple-Feedback Band-Pass filter is one of the Active Band-Pass filters of several designs. This design implements 3 Resistors, 2 Capacitors and 1 Op-Amp (operational amplifier). In this how to design section, we will discuss how to calculate the optimal value of those components. That is, how you can optimize this design to your needs. There are 2 things that a designer must know or wants to implement while designing a Band-Pass filter. The Center … Continue reading

How to Demodulate Binary-FSK (BFSK) Signal in Proteus


To demodulate an FSK signal in Proteus virtually, first we have to build a design (.dsn) file in ISIS. ISIS is the circuit/schematic drawing & simulation tool of Proteus of Labcenter Electronics. Here is given a full guideline and also the ISIS design file of Proteus. It is not customary here to discuss how to use ISIS. Here, we are given an audio file which contains the binary data modulated FSK signal. And we have … Continue reading No Minimum Payout