7-ZIP: The Best Compression Tool

Archive or Compression software is used to reduce the size of a file or group of file. On the web there are too many formats created by different compression tool. So you need the best software to extract all types of archive. And the best free software is 7-zip. Don’t worry about its quality though it’s free.

Archive/Compression Property:

This software can make archive of the following formats:

  • tar
  • 7z
  • bZip2
  • gzip
  • wim
  • xz
  • zip

And it also supports various type of compression method:

  • LZMA (7z)
  • LZMA2 (7z,xz)
  • BZip2 (7z, bZip2)
  • PPMd (7z)
  • Deflate (gzip)
  • Deflate64 (zip)

Encryption methods are:

  • AES-256
  • ZipCrypto


Decompress/Extraction Property:

Well, this software is enough for any compressed file. There is nothing more to say. It can also extract Nokia series 40 device themes (.nth format). To extract any archive right click on it and click ‘Open Archive’ from 7-Zip menu.


This software is developed by Igor Pavlov & all credit goes to him. Get it from the link below-



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