A Simple Way To View Websites Blocked By Your ISP

At present, Many Local ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks a number a websites, from blogs /news/social media to more technical content. Main reason behind this is to block unusual activity from a corporate network or from the library PC of a school or college or from a Wi-Fi network. Whatever the reason is it gets very frustrating when it gets in the way of doing your work. You may have tried to fix this but with your knowledge can’t do anything from a limited user account. So, there is a small step for you to take and view those blocked websites.

What To Do!

Follow this few steps  to view any blocked websites:

  1. First enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website you want to visit.
  2. Then hit ‘Go’
  3. If the webpage still not loading then cast more limitations by ‘Encode Page’, ‘Disallow Cookies’, ‘Remove Objects’
  4. Still not working? Then your ISP is giant enough to push back this simple trick. But it will work I think over 99% time.



How IT Works!


Well the way in which this method work is to disable the ISP to watch your entire browsing activity. ISP blocked a website means that it does not serve the required website data when it finds that the URL is in its blacklist. So, when the ISP cannot find any match of the URL with its blacklist it serves it to us. This procedure just cloaks the URL you entered and encode all links of a page so that the foolish ISP cannot realize the real web address of the page.


The main Content is given below:



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