Documents Required to Open an Account in Sonali Bank


Sonali bank is one of the four govt. bank of Bangladesh. To open a new personal account in Sonali Bank you need to submit few documents that are mandatory. There are several kinds of accounts to be opened. And the required documents also varies. To open a Personal account you need to submit this documents: 2 copy passport size color photographs of a/c opener Photocopy of Nationality document/certificate i.e. birth certificate National ID card photocopy … Continue reading

How to Design a Multiple-Feedback Band-Pass Filter


A Multiple-Feedback Band-Pass filter is one of the Active Band-Pass filters of several designs. This design implements 3 Resistors, 2 Capacitors and 1 Op-Amp (operational amplifier). In this how to design section, we will discuss how to calculate the optimal value of those components. That is, how you can optimize this design to your needs. There are 2 things that a designer must know or wants to implement while designing a Band-Pass filter. The Center … Continue reading

How to Demodulate Binary-FSK (BFSK) Signal in Proteus


To demodulate an FSK signal in Proteus virtually, first we have to build a design (.dsn) file in ISIS. ISIS is the circuit/schematic drawing & simulation tool of Proteus of Labcenter Electronics. Here is given a full guideline and also the ISIS design file of Proteus. It is not customary here to discuss how to use ISIS. Here, we are given an audio file which contains the binary data modulated FSK signal. And we have … Continue reading

Things to Consider Buying a microSD Card (class X)


There are a several types of microSD card with different capacity and speed. While buying one we only concerns about the capacity and price. But you will get hurt to know that a microSD card of the cheapest price and highest capacity is the worst one. You should never buy it. Why? Most of today’s device runs with microSD cards but most of the people doesn’t know a bit about it. Device performance greatly depends … Continue reading

Meaning of High Input Impedance & Low Output Impedance of Amplifier


High input impedance and low output impedance is an important terms of electronics circuits designs. In amplifier circuits it is often desirable. I am explaining this characteristic here taking an amplifier as an example. You know that the gain of an amplifier is limited up to an extent. To have the highest amplified signal we desire the input signal to be appeared in the input of the amplifier without any attenuation (loss). We will consider … Continue reading

Link Building Strategies for Blogger and Websites Owner | All About Link Building


What is Link Building? Link Building is a process performed by blog or website owners to get backlinks of their website or page. Remember, it is an overall process of putting links in other sites one by one. When the link of your website or a page of your website exist on a page of another website it is called a backlink. Link building means the process of creating backlinks. Why Link Building are Needed? … Continue reading