How to Play Latest Games on Low Configured PC Like Doel Laptop


Are you thinking about the compatibility of the game you have just bought for your PC? Previously, I always be in excitement buying a new game. Because I found most of the latest games being said to be compatible but their speed is actually very slow. At last I found the best free PC emulator for Hi-end games. Using this method you can emulate your pc for those high definition games like ‘Crysis 2 Warhead’. … Continue reading

How to Remove Desktop Icon Background in Windows XP

It is a common matter that sometimes desktop icons in your Windows Operating System show a blue background as they are selected. This shaded icon makes the desktop odd to see. Actually no user makes this change though it can be. See sample image of a desktop with icon background.  Reason: Every single pixel of your monitor is shown after a complete logical process. There is no way to happen anything unless a change has … Continue reading

Read Bangla Website From Mobile

At present the tech world is getting mobilized day by day. People in developed countries as well as developing and undeveloped countries use their mobile device to get different types of information. But, most of the mobile users don’t know how to view non English website from their mobile. Honestly it’s not possible to view a non English website from all mobile devices unless it has one of the following features:    It supports that … Continue reading

How to Run .001 .002 Files


Have you ever found any file having .001, .002, … and so on? Well, this peculiar type of format is usually created by some file splitting software. These software are used to break a large single file into smaller parts having .001 .002,… extension. Free online file sharing sites usually cast a maximum uploadable file size limit to free users. Eventually uploader split up his document into smaller parts. Depending on file size .00X file … Continue reading

How to Recover Files from a Formatted Pendrive/ Hard Disk


Sometimes we face the fact that we want the files back we just deleted from the hard drive. Or the worst thing occurs when you unfortunately formats your Pen-drive or Hard Drive. Well first you should know that any files from a storage memory can be recovered. There is a lot of software available for the purpose file recovery on the internet. In this tutorial, I will show how to recover files that you deleted/formatted … Continue reading

How To speed Up Your PC

Have you just noticed that your over time your PC became slower than before? When you start an action your hard disk indicator light often blink? Take too time to open a software or document? No problem, there are ways you can follow to fix it. Read down here. Read to speed up your PC.                 1. Make Sure That Your  PC Supports The Programs that you intend to use. Above and beyond everything you … Continue reading

How to Download Video Files from any Site

Everyday we visit many websites and many of them contains video file in their site. Some of them r usefull to u but u may not able or permitted to download them… The most widely used website which contains video file is YouTube.  There are a millions of them. So it is very essential to download this video without any additional software which may you need to purchase !!! In every website the video are … Continue reading