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To achieve the goal of “Vision 2021” as depicted by “Auami League” a political party of Bangladesh before Government Election as an agenda, some remarkable steps have been made.“Vision 2021” is an aim to make “Digital Bangladesh” before 2021. Digital Bangladesh means to spread information technology all over the country.

To ensure this, technological devices for the masses have to be ensured. So the govt. party has taken some hard and fast steps to ensure technology to all classes of people. One of these steps is to produce low cost laptop in our homeland. So it appointed state-owned Telephone Shilpa Sangstha (TSS) to produce cheap laptops with the help of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology). The name has been chosen as Doel Laptop.

Managing director of TSS Mohammad Ismail said, “The project is being implemented in collaboration with the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Malaysian Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and foreign experts”. “60 percent of the laptop parts, including the motherboard, would be manufactured in the factory”, he added.
At the end of July the telecommunications minister Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju has said, “The lowest price of Doel Laptop will be Tk 10,500/-”



“Apart from the commoners, school and college students will be able to buy the low-priced laptops,” he said after seeing the trial run of the laptop factory at TSS in Gazipur.

“We’ve planned to export the laptops in the future after meeting the local demand,” he added.On another day, the minister told parliament that there would be four models of the laptop priced at Tk 10,050, 15,200, 21,000 and 23,300 which would hit the market later this month after the prime minister’s approval.

He then told the journalists that, “At least 10,000 laptops will be produced here per month. The project can be expanded if TSS gets a larger space for its factory. Now it’s a Tk 1.48 billion project.”

NOTE: You can buy different models of Doel Laptops at prices given below:

DOEL Primary 2102              @ 10,500 BDT

DOEL Basic 0703                   @ 15,500 BDT

DOEL Standard 2603            @ 23,000 BDT

DOEL Advanced 1612           @ 28,500 BDT

DOEL Advanced 1612i3        @ 42,300 BDT

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