Download Android HD Games Data Files Through Career Network

Android games is the most attraction of mine to this OS. The more big a game is the better its graphics. If you have played any large game before then you should know the importance of data files. Most of the HD game requires SD data file to download at first.

Ya, you could those files searching in Google, but after all, no guarantee that it will work. Very often it doesn’t work. The possibility of malicious attack is not zero also. So, the safest way is to use your cellphone career network.

Main problem is you wont find the option to select network operator other than WiFi.


download data file download data file

There is the solution of this problem, to use your network operator to download this files. Follow the steps as said below;

  • Open a new text file through text file editor
  • Write ‘FALSE‘ in the document (upper case must)
  • Name the file as ‘qaWifiOnlyMode
  • Then save it in the root of your SD card
  • That is the location will be ‘SDCard/qaWifiOnlyMode

After all done, now you can select Career Network to download data files of HD games.

download data file

download data file

download data file

Select career network and then data files will be downloaded through cellular network(career network).

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