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At present more people are joining in web developing. And even more are making their first footprints on the World Wide Web. Do you know how to build / design a website /webpage? The smallest and easiest attempt is to make a blog. Different types of platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla make this fact so easier that anyone without any knowledge of HTML or CSS can make truly attractive website within a few clicks. But whatever you are HTML is a must to be a website designer or sometimes to be a good blogger also. As this topic deals with Bengali free E-book downloads for HTML learners our main concern is for blogger or web entrepreneurs from Bangladesh. Underneath we suggest you to download 2 Bangla free e-books on the topic HTML.


BOOK-1: HTML Bangla E-book by Arif Karim

In this pdf document Arif Karim discussed about basic structure of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) with all the standard features. Well this book is suggested for new entrepreneurs. To download HTML Bengali E-book click on the image below.



BOOK-2: HTML 5 Bengali E-book by Abdullah Al Faruk

This is another highly informative bangla e-book for HTML learners of Bangladesh by Abdullah Al Faruk. All parts of HTML language are well described. A list of tags of HTML 5 is also added. To download HTML 5 Bangla E-book click on the image below.



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