Hack Bandwidth From Your Broadband Connection

In recent times, many internet users are using broadband connections but they hardly get any good consistent bandwidth. They are facing problems to work around. So I am giving you a trick to try. If you are using broadband then now you can hack your connection to make it speedy. However, you should care that; if you hack speed then the ISP will face many losses.

So, Lets start hacking!!
At first, download Advance IP Scanner. Click here to download.
Then follow the steps given below-

  • Open the software and click on IP, then press scan. Look at the following image.
  • Look at the following image. Right click on any PC and check in which PC the FTP is Connected. Copy the mac address of that PC to get more speed.
  • Then go to your LAN (local area network) and choose Internet Protocol version 4 (IPV 4) like the snapshot. Then click Configure.
  • Then choose – Advance>Network address> Value and paste the mac address.
  • Click OK and close the window. Go to advance IP scanner again and put the IP address from the same PC, from which PC you copied the mac address.
  • Then go to the LAN again. From there, go to the properties of Internet Protocol version 4 (IPV 4) and set the IP address that you saved recently. Keep your previous IP address safe. Because, you will need it when you will make your PC like before.

 How to get back the previous settings:

  • Go to LAN.Then select Internet Protocol version 4.Then select Configure> advance> network address> Not present and press OK.
  • Go to your LAN again. Then go to the properties of Internet Protocol version 4 set your previous IP. Close the window.

Be aware:

  Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may come to check your connection. So you have to be careful. I can give you a tip on that. Change the name of your PC and give it untitled or something else. In this situation, the service provider cannot find your PC

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