How to Create a New Partition in Windows in 5 Minutes

In this tutorial you will find how to create a new partition/drive in the Hard disk of Windows operated PC. You won’t need any 3rd party software, rather we will use built in Windows Disk Management utility to do the job. Follow the steps below to create a new partition in 5 minutes.

Creating New Partition/Drive by Disk Management:


First press Windows+R button together to open Run command window. Type diskmgmt.msc in the box and press Enter or click OK. In a while, you will see all the available drives & partitions in the Disk Management window.


Now first you will have to determine the partition, from which you want to take a certain amount of free space, by shrinking the drive by the same amount. Here we want to shrink G-Drive to make the new partition. So, click the right mouse button on the drive name and click Shrink Volume.


In the new window it will show you how much space you can free up from the drive. Enter the amount you want to free up for your new drive in the box indicated. Then click Shrink. Now wait, Windows is doing its job.


After a while, you will see that amount of Free space or Unallocated Space in the Disk Management window. The G-Drive also reduced by the same amount.


Now we have to create a new volume/drive/partition from the free space. Right click on the free space box and click New Simple Volume.


Click Next in the New Simple Volume Wizard.


In the next window you can set how much of free space you want to utilize for the new drive/partition. Enter the maximum available space in the box to use the whole free space. Click Next.


Assign a letter for the drive from the list of available drive letters. Click Next.


Don’t change anything here if you don’t know. Then click Next.

In the next Window you will see the summery of our choices that you made. Click Finish. In a few seconds you will find a New Volume in the Disk Management window.


Close the Window. That’s the end. You can use it now for your purpose.

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