How to Download Video Files from any Site

Everyday we visit many websites and many of them contains video file in their site. Some of them r usefull to u but u may not able or permitted to download them…

The most widely used website which contains video file is YouTube.  There are a millions of them. So it is very essential to download this video without any additional software which may you need to purchase !!!

In every website the video are in .flv formatted. So you can download them by a single click flowing the steps below…

1) First of all you need to use mozila firefox or internet explorer for your browser.

2) You must have installed latest flash player in ur computer.

3) Now just go to the website and download the add-ons or toolbar and install it.

4) After that re-start your browser.

5) Now go to the desired website contains video file and press the play button on the video.

6) Now while playing the video just press the download option located in the toolbar and close that website.

7) Your video will download smoothly…

after downloading the video you will find it in ur my docoment directory. it will be in .flv format.

you can use this tips in every video placed website and it will works 100%

Good luck.

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