How to Install WordPress on Computer Easily | Local Host WordPress on Your DOEL Laptop

WordPress is the best & widely used blogging platform. To learn ins and outs of it you need to spend a lot of time on it. But WordPress can only run on an active server having some required specification. But it will not be intellectual to learn it on the internet. A huge amount of data and time will be wasted depending on net speed. After all, your rough job will be visible on the web. That’s not we want our site to look incomplete. Again we have to work more on it to be experienced. For that you need to install WordPress on computer.

Why to Install WordPress on Computer?

To install WordPress on computer first you need to install a server for WordPress. The benefits of a local host WordPress are listed below:

  • Never requires an internet connection to access
  • You own a server & you can perform anything you wish
  • There is none to apply server limitation on you
  • No waiting time to load any page (as it is like accessing a file in your hard drive)
  • Go every corner of WordPress & edit without any risk
  • Install as many separate scripts as you want like 5 WordPress at a time
  • Customize anything & see results in real time
  • Design your site & edit your post as long time as you need without going online

That is you will have a laboratory to perform your tests.

How to Install WordPress on your Computer?

Let’s first make a list of work to install WordPress on localhost (means the server running on the same machine) :

  • Download a software to use my PC as a server
  • Check http://localhost/ is working
  • Extract wordpress files into a sub-folder
  • Create and setup a database for wordpress
  • Create a new user account for WP

Let’s start working.

How to set up a Computer as a Server?

There are different ways to turn your PC into a server. We will use portable XAMPP server for instance. Small WAMP server can also be used. But here only XAMPP is shown.

Installation of an XAMPP Server:

Installation of an XAMPP server is easy and quick but requires a large file (about 90MB) to be downloaded. First download portable XAMPP installer for windows from here. Download the portable 7zip or zip archive. Then extract it in your hard drive, so that, the location be X:xampp where X is the drive name. Don’t change the folder name from ‘xampp’. Open the folder.

install server for wordpress

First launch ‘setup_xampp.bat’ and do as it says. Setup is done. Now run ‘xampp_start.exe‘ then go to http://localhost/ from your browser. If no page appears then run ‘apache_start.bat‘ and ‘mysql_start.bat‘ and reload the page. Click unblock if firewall blocks. You should see a page like below.

Install WordPress on Computer

Select English and server’s welcome home screen will appear. Left side navigation menu contains several server related options. If you reached here then installation of XAMPP server is done.

Setting up a Database to Host WordPress:

WP stores all data into a MySQL database. You need to put one valid database info while installing WordPress. Let’s first find a database. Go to ‘phpMyAdmin‘ in ‘Tools‘ section from XAMPP navigation menu.

local host wordpress server

Then a list of database running on this system will appear. To avoid complication we will use a preset database rather creating a new one.

installing wordpress windows

If database named ‘test‘ is present we will use it for WordPress. While installing WordPress we have to insert this database name. You can insert any one listed here.

Finally Install WordPress on Computer (Local Host):

You will find a folder named ‘htdocs‘ in folder ‘xampp‘ which is the root directory of your server (http://localhot/). There is also a file named ‘passwords.txt‘ in folder ‘xampp’ where you will find username and password for MySQL database.

Now download wordpress from in your computer. It is an archive file. If you have WinRAR installed then right click on that file and select ‘Extract files…’

install in your pc

Now select folder ‘htdocs‘ in ‘xampp‘ then click ‘OK’.

install wordpress on local server

So, you placed WP installation files in x:xampphtdocswordpress. Now go to http://localhost/wordpress/ and click ‘Create a Configuration File‘. Then click ‘Let’s go!‘ and fill up the form as said below:

Database Name: test (that you seen in phpMyAdmin database list)

User Name: root (MySQL username found in passwords.txt)

Password: (blank; if said in passwords.txt)

Database Host: localhost (if it doesn’t work then use

Table Prefix: wp_ (leave as it is)

Then ‘Submit‘ and click ‘Run the install‘. Put a title for your site, username, password and email for your administrator account; then click Install WordPress‘. Now log in using this username and password to your local hosted WordPress. Oh! You have finished installing wordpress on your computer. Good luck and happy blogging.

  • To browse local host run ‘xampp_start.exe‘ located in folder xampp, minimize it and start browsing. To close use ‘xampp_stop.exe‘.
  • If you want to run another distinguished set of WP then, locate those files in another new folder under htdocs. Suppose you extracted it in x:xampphtdocsblog folder. So, the address of new blog will be http://localhost/blog/.
  • If you host more than one blog in one database (‘test’ that we used) than you must have to use different Table Prefix to run them separately. And if database and Table Prefix are same there is no need to run different set of WP; as both will show the same output. If you add a post in one, you can also see it from the other.
  • Another most important point is there exists a difference in the use of “” and “/“. This “” is used in Windows file explorer and “/” is used in web address. Look above to find one.
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