How to Play High-end Game on Low-end PC

Playing good quality games on a low configured PC is always a trouble. Everyone tries to play latest good games; at least take a try. Most of the time you will find it very slow and taking near about a second between frames. To be said really, it is not possible to magically run all the games in your Computer. But sometimes, it works and it works well. So don’t think I am talking about bullshit here. Have a try and then make sense. Lets begin to main turn around.

I first mention about running a PC on hardware. You know a good match between processor, RAM and Motherboard makes a PC to run faster. At that stage the more powerful your processor is, the more speed you get. This is because the processing capacity has increased. That’s why people are always keen to have a better Processor.

Remember that the matching should be good. I saw few ones having Pentium IV and 256MB RAM running like a tortoise. This is because works are done on RAM and less working memory with a slower BUS speed can make a good worker lazy. It becomes slower specially when you run large programs like quality games. Then the RAM and Mother board speed really affects though you installed a heavy processor. Why I am talking about, am I suggesting to buy new parts? Absolutely not.

Our main goal is to render the maximum from the CPU. If RAM is low then PC become slower when big task is running. Actually a big elephant in a room. So give small work on it and get the best.

How will you minimize the big job of a game? Here are solutions below:

  • Rendering sounds is a massive load of a game on CPU. 3D stereo out put makes the processor to work a lot. Moreover latest games have lot of sound effects that’s no need usually. So, mute or turn off the volume in both Windows and game setting. This will release some from the CPU.
  • Another point you should know that larger display creates more pressure on the CPU than smaller display. I means the display resolution. Giving an example, suppose you can play a game almost easily with 1360×768 monitor. Now, if you only replace it with 1920×1080 resolution monitor then it will run more slowly even may appear as incompatible. What’s the problem occurring here? 1920×1080=2,073,600 pixel and 1360×768=1,044,480 pixel; that means the CPU has to process graphics 2 times than before. So, obviously it will slowed. The solution is reduce the resolution from game setting, it shall increase the speed.
  • Modern games have a lot of graphics like pixel shader. You should turn them off to have a decent speed. This will reduce extra load from the CPU.
  • Sometime you will find refresh rate options in game settings. It is very important increasing the game speed. Turn it down as much you can, but don’t below 15.
  • Anti alias is another kind of extra effects that you really don’t need. Turn that all down.

You can also use simulator to play high quality games which is also very handy & useful. See here to know how to use simulator 3D Analyze

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