How to Remove Desktop Icon Background in Windows XP

It is a common matter that sometimes desktop icons in your Windows Operating System show a blue background as they are selected. This shaded icon makes the desktop odd to see. Actually no user makes this change though it can be. See sample image of a desktop with icon background.

faded_desktop_icon Reason:

Every single pixel of your monitor is shown after a complete logical process. There is no way to happen anything unless a change has been made. Generally this icon background occurs due to some application. This type of software automatically changes your system settings. Hence a background appears behind your desktop icons.


There is three different reason of icon background. Solutions are also given in three parts. Check which one happened to you.

Solution no. – 1

  1. Click right mouse button in blank space of your desktop.
  2. Go to ‘Arrange Icons By’.
  3. Now check if ‘Lock Web Items on Desktop’ is marked.
  4. If marked, unmark it, otherwise do nothing.


Solution no. – 2

  1. Right click on ‘My Computer’ then go to ‘Properties’.
  2. Switch to ‘Advanced’ tab and go to ‘Settings’ in the ‘Performance’ section.
  3. If ‘Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop’ is marked, unmark it.
  4. Press OK and close all windows.


Solution no. – 3

  1. Click right mouse button in blank space of your desktop and go to ‘Properties’.
  2. Click ‘Customize Desktop’ from the ‘Desktop’ tab.
  3. Go to ‘Web’ tab in the new window.
  4. Delete all other context except ‘My Current Home Page’.
  5. Unmark ‘Lock desktop items’ if marked.
  6. Click OK and close all windows.

selected_desktop_iconYou may be affected by viruses or potentially unwanted software in case all those tricks you tried but cannot fix it. You should scan your system with an updated, reputed antivirus like Avast Free Antivirus. Download the latest version from FileHippo.

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