How to Run .001 .002 Files

Have you ever found any file having .001, .002, … and so on? Well, this peculiar type of format is usually created by some file splitting software. These software are used to break a large single file into smaller parts having .001 .002,… extension. Free online file sharing sites usually cast a maximum uploadable file size limit to free users. Eventually uploader split up his document into smaller parts. Depending on file size .00X file may exist where X = 1, 2, 3,… . But, once I found VLC Media Player played a movie having two parts .001, .002.



To join these types of file do the following steps:

  • Download, install and run this program
  • Click on ‘Joining’ tab (as you  are going to join)
  • Locate ‘First split part’ in your hard disk
  • Keep all parts in same directories/folder
  • Select the directories where you want output file
  • Now click ‘Join’ at bottom left corner & it will do the rest
  • Check the output directory
  • Use password “” to extract the downloaded file from the link below.


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