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There is rumors that it is possible to use GP (Grameenphone) internet for free. People talking here and there about free internet tricks. It is confusing to be sure. However there are different process flying on the sky. I am not going to tell about all GP internet tricks here. My writing will only show you how to use GP internet for free from your Android device. Not all Android devices works with it, but I found all Androids of Symphony Mobile succeeded. Let’s start the process.

Step 1 – Setting a new APN

Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names.

Select the/a GP (Grameenphone) SIM.

Then go to Options > New APN.

Fill out the fields as said below.

  • Name: GP MMS
  • APN: gpmms
  • APN type: default, mms
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080

Now save this setting.

Note that, if there is a list appears in the APN type box; mark default and mms.

But if it is a text field, leave it blank.


Step 2 – Install Opera mini Handler for Android


  • Click the download button below to download Opera mini Handler for Android.


  • After the installation run the program. Handler UI screen will appear similar to the pic.
  • In the FrontQuery box put @ (there is a space before the ‘@’ sign).
  • Scroll down and Save then it will load the User Agreement page for the first time.
  • You need to follow the whole process to get any kind of connection; then open the browser.

Step 3 – Take the Package

You must be subscribed to any package. There are several prepaid and postpaid internet packages from Grameenphone. I will suggest to take the P1 Package. Type P1 and send to 5000 to activate.

Points to note

  • Sometimes you may face network dis connection; that is network sign may not appear. On that case put your SIM offline for a while. Otherwise restart your phone.
  • To get full internet access from all apps you may use DroidVPN. Remember: DroidVPN works on rooted phones only.
  • This tricks is heard from many sources; but someone named RANA claims it as his invention.  I am not sure about that.

This doesn’t work anymore. Please don’t follow this trick. We still kept it, in case we can update any future tricks on GP. Remember you can’t use free internet following this way.


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