Keep Browsing without any Track Left Behind

We usually go to many different sites. Most of these sites you may trust, but about rest you don’t know. These sites and also most popular site always run some scripts that track your browsing without your permit. These can be vulnerable in security for entrepreneurs, dealers or those who transact online. ’Do Not Track’ is to prevent this type of tracking. Get it from here for your Firefox browser.

After installation a tab would appear at the right side of navigation as in the picture.



Here the number indicates that how many trackers have been blocked in this page. As I am in the Add-ons Manager tab it is zero. But look here.




Here it’s showing 1 blocked in Gmail’s login page. Click on that and a small window will appear at the right side. It tells that 499 times it saves you from tracking by Google and this time it blocks 1 company. Sometimes it is more than one tracking you like this.



This time it blocks 5 scripts on So, don’t  be late to get this addon for your Mozilla Firefox.

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