Zoom Ultra My-Fi Wireless Pocket Router by CityCell | Highspeed Internet On The Go

Citycell, the only one CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network operator is well renowned for serving broadband internet connection to each & every corner of Bangladesh. CityCell zoom postpaid and prepaid modems are well known cheap solution on mobility. They offer decent package to customer at a constant speed compared to other.

The latest edition to their internet service is My-Fi Pocket Router. You can easily create your own Wi-Fi network and connect up to 5 WiFi enabled device through this router. MyFi pocket router can also provide high speed internet on the go.


Salient Features of CityCell Pocket Router:

Citycell pocket router enables you to create your own mobile hotspot. Connect your iPhone, IPad, tablet or laptop and feel the true essence of mobile broadband. Other salient features are —

  • Just Switch and get connected
  • Works up to distance of 30m indoors and 50m outdoors
  • No continuous power supply needed
  • Pocket sized
  • Can also be used as a modem
  • Up to 4 hours working time
  • 100 hours standby time



Using MyFi as a WiFi Router:

  • Insert your RIM card in the RIM card slot at the back end of your Myfi Router
  • Press and hold the power button until the first light until the first light lits up. Wait till all the b lit up.
  • Turn on the WiFi feature of your device and search for the available Wi-Fi networks
  • As the search completes, select the connection named “Citycell uFiXXXXXX”
  • Connect by inserting the Wi-Fi Key printed on the device label
  • Your device is now connected to the MY-Fi device and you are ready to browse!

Using CityCell Pocket Router as a Modem:

  • Connect the MY-Fl to a PC with the supplied data cable inside the pack
  • Power on the MY-Fi by pressing and holding the power button until the first light lits up. Wait till all the lights lit up
  • The modem Is plug and play and will auto install upon powering it on. However if the auto installation does not work, simply double click the setup icon in the folder named ‘Data’ under ‘Mobile Hotspot’ driver from My Computer. Click ‘Next’ and finally ‘Finish’ for the software to complete installation
  • Now you are ready to browse



Specification of Citycell Pocket Router:

NetWork CDMA EVDO Rev. A 800MHz
Wi-Fi Band 2400MHz~2483.5MHz
Dimension 99.7mm×53.7mm×13.9mm
Weight About 80g
Port Interface Mini USB-B
OS Compatibility Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Mac OS 10.7, Linux
Wi-Fi Distance Indoor 30m, outdoor 50m
Standby Time About 100 hours (Network Dependent)
Working Time About 4 hours (Network Dependent)
Charging Time 4 to 5 hours
Battery 1500 mAh

NOTE: My-fi Pocket Router does not support GSM network. It only supports CDMA network.
NOTE: My-fi Cellular Router supports USB charging through the supplied data cable.
NOTE: My-fi WiFi mobile Router can be used as a USB modem also.
NOTE: You can connect up to 5 WiFi enabled device at a time.

For more info about data plans of Zoom Ultra MyFi pocket router go here

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