One Click prefetch, %temp%, temp, recent Cleaner

Every times you run your computer, do your jobs; a number of junk files are created by the system and are stored in hard drives. These files are not erased by the system automatically. So those are being stored and your PC is getting slower. All we do is go to ‘run‘ type ‘prefetch‘ ; ‘%temp%‘ ; ‘temp‘ or ‘recent‘ and delete manually.

I am giving you a one click solution of this problem just to save your time forever.

First copy all the codes given in the box to Notepad.

title Temporary File Remover by WWW.ALLMANIABD.COM
echo Delete all Temporary Files
%SystemRoot%/explorer.exe %temp%/
del %temp%.*
%SystemRoot%/explorer.exe C:/Windows/prefetch/
del C:/Windows/prefetch.*
cd %TEMP%
rmdir /S /Q %TEMP%
cd C:/Windows/Temp
rmdir /S /Q C:/Windows/Temp
CD C:/Windows/Prefetch
rmdir /S /Q C:/Windows/Prefetch
cd %TEMP%
cd Recent
del /s /q *.*

kkkNow save this file as tempcleaner.bat and you are done. If Notepad adds a .txt extension, select ‘Save As‘ and select ‘All Files‘ in ‘Save as type‘.

Now each time you double click on this file it will clear files of those directories automatically. Note that you have to be logged in as an Administrator to access those folders.

Be Careful: Don’t use this if you are running Windows 8.

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