Doel Laptop Introduced by Bangladesh | DOEL Brand

To achieve the goal of “Vision 2021” as depicted by “Auami League” a political party of Bangladesh before Government Election as an agenda, some remarkable steps have been made.“Vision 2021” is an aim to make “Digital Bangladesh” before 2021. Digital Bangladesh means to spread information technology all over the country. To ensure this, technological devices for the masses have to be ensured. So the govt. party has taken some hard and fast steps to ensure … Continue reading

DOEL Primary Model 2102 Laptop Specification

Doel Primary 2102 is the cheapest laptop model of DOEL series which will cost 10,500-/ BDT in Bangladesh. It is actually not a laptop rather a netbook because it does not have common features of today’s so called laptops such as a power consuming processor, optical disk drive, large amount of storage space …& so on. It has an Android OS installed in factory release. It’s also compatible with Windows CE 6.0; Details configuration of … Continue reading No Minimum Payout