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At present the tech world is getting mobilized day by day. People in developed countries as well as developing and undeveloped countries use their mobile device to get different types of information. But, most of the mobile users don’t know how to view non English website from their mobile. Honestly it’s not possible to view a non English website from all mobile devices unless it has one of the following features:


  1.  It supports that language by default.
  2. It has Opera Mini or Mobile web browser installed by default.
  3. It supports 3rd party J2ME to install Opera Mini.
  4. Or it supports any version of Opera browser.

Recommended Method:

First get any version of Opera Mini installed from if you don’t have already. Then follow the steps:




  1. Open your browser.
  2. In the address bar simply write ‘opera:config’ instead of any web address/url.
  3. Opera Power configuration page will then come.
  4. At the bottom of the page select ’Yes’ where it say ‘Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts’.
  5. Press ‘Save’ and you are done.





Then go to any non English website, for example (in Bangla) can’t you see it clearly?


A Peculiar Method:

This method is only for Symbian devices using Opera Mobile. Remember that Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are different. Follow the steps:

  • Get a copy of any Bangla font (.ttf file) in your mobile from the net or PC.
  • Download & install the software ‘X-plore’ from here
  • Open it then go to Menu -> Tools -> Configuration.
  • Check the boxes of ‘Show hidden files’, ‘Show ROM drives’, ‘Show RAM drives’, ‘Show System files/folders’ and ‘System application’.
  • Then using X-plore go to C:System and make a folder named ‘Fonts’ by pressing ‘9’ while highlighting the folder ‘System’.
  • Then place your font file in that folder that is C:System Fonts.
  • Restart the phone now.
  • Run Opera Mobile now and go to any Bengali based website.

But you would find problem viewing complex Bangla letters (Juktakkhor). And you cannot read even a single sentence at ease. Remember, this problem is only for Bangla. I don’t know what about other languages.

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