Reviews of Some Important Instrument

Well day by day technology is developing so much that new instruments are coming so frequently that even can’t imagine there existence. I think most of the technologies developed countries are using recently is out of imagination of most developing and under developed countries. So you should keep an eye on, not latest but available technologies and goodies in developed countries to be updated. One of those things are reviewed here.

Stun Gun:

Stun-gun-as-a-gun It is like a gun but without the ability of throwing bullet. So how it affect anyone? It creates a high voltage shock to human body or any living body. You may be thinking that it throws a flow  of electron to enemy to attack him from a distance. But as a difference, To attack anyone you have to touch the head of stun gun to enemy’s body. Police man usually keeps it while handling bad people. There is also a protection of handling a stun gun, it is not a toy. Rough handling can cause you get shocked. Remember shock of a stun gun is so much to penetrate clothing and cause momentary disruption of muscles of a person.

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