How to Save Video From Browser Cache

Very often we watch videos online that is we stream videos but we can’t save it for future. So, here is the solution for you how to save video that you have seen once without re-downloading it again and without any other software.

Actually, when you play a video online for the first time, it is fully downloaded and then played or simultaneously loaded & played. Every browser keeps this copy of files and you can find the video here unless you clear the browser cache.

Manually Save Video from Cache:

So, if you are using Firefox, write about:cache in the address bar and hit enter. This opens a page where you find your cache locations. Look at the image below.


In this case my cache location is:


Copy this location and go to this directory either manually or paste into My Computer address bar and hit Enter. You will see many files with alphanumeric naming convention as well as many folders.

Make a search here with *. (star & dot) to view all files & folders in a list. Now sort them by size and search for the biggest because a video file should be bigger.

Copy this file and save with .flv or .mp4 extension. Now, this file can be played with VLC Player or any other media player.

Automatically by VideoCacheView Software:

Well, VideoCacheView is a software which can automatically recover the video from cache after you viewed a video once and browser cache is not cleared. It supports several browser that is it can recover video from several browser’s cache.


Click here to go to download page; the link is located at nearly bottom of this page. It is not hard to use this app, so I omitted that part here.

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