How to Utilize Full Internet Bandwidth

There are things that prohibits the use or utilization of full internet bandwidth of your connection. You usually wont get 100% speed for your work like browsing or download. So, there are the ways below to enable you to utilize full bandwidth of your connection.

Works to do:

  • Drain out DNS Cache
  • Disable Unnecessary Service
  • Disable Bandwidth Reserves
  • Update Network Card Driver
  • Reset WinSock

Drain Out DNS Cache:

1. Press the windows button and search for cmd, then Run as administrator.


2. Now the command window will appear. Here, type ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter button. You will see like this, when it’s done.


Disable Unnecessary Service:

This process is needed to be done with care; or I should say, you should skip it if you have no idea about these. There are several services and processes that uses internet connection automatically whether you want or not. Here we show how to stop them.


1. In the Run window (press Windows+R) type services.msc and press Enter.


2. In the window services that are set Automatic as Startup Type, have to be modified to Manual. To do so right click on it, go to properties and set as Manual. Ensure it’s changed and that’s all.

Disable Bandwidth Reserves:

1. In the Run window (press Windows+R) type gpedit.msc and hit Enter.

2. Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler. It’s just like browsing folders.


3. Double click on Limit reservable bandwidth, click the Enable button and set 0 in the Bandwidth limit(%) box.


4. Click Apply and OK.

Update Network Card Driver:

This is not an unusual one. But it may happen that the driver of your old motherboard becomes backdated. So, go to Device Manager, open Network adapters tree.


Right click on your network card, click Update Driver Software and follow what that steps.

Reset WinSock:

1. If you reset WinSock sometimes it will increase internet speed. To do so, open command window with Run an administrator privilege.


2. In command window, type netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt then press Enter. When done,simply exit and restart yuor PC.

After all I hope you should be able to use full of your bandwidth.

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