Why should I root my Android Smartphone

Android rooting is a process that gives you the full access of the device & hardware. However a question arise, “Why I still need to root Android though everything is OK? Most of the apps are running.” The answers are here.

What is rooting?

Rooting means getting super user access into your device hardware and get the full potential. All the programs you installed can access full of your hardware. Programs can modify the way of operation of hardware. There are a lot of programs you can use to do jobs by modifying hardware behavior that were not possible for your Android.But, this type of use of hardware can harm your phone. So, manufacturers may void your warranty if you root your device.


Benefits of Rooting:

By default Android OS is installed by manufacturer such that the user can not ends up modifying the system files. This installation also provides security from unwanted program activity. But if you need freedom, root it; and there is no limit to say the benefit. Because different programs bring different benefits and there is no end line. In brief some benefits are given below.


—> MEMORY MANAGEMENT: In a rooted phone you can set your SD card’s space as internal memory. Low end Android phone don’t comes with a huge ROM; which is essential for installing some apps. Routing SD card as phone memory using apps gives you a freedom. You can manage how much memory to set from the card. I have increased mine from 132 MB to 1.5 GB.
—> GPU ENHANCEMENT: Android games are the most attraction Android OS; it also requires to have a better hardware. But over all it will cost more. Already bought a low end phone? Don’t worry root your phone and set the GPU rules to play them. Rooting certainly avails you to play most high end games in low end smart phones.

—>Processor Overclocking: Another benefit of rooting is you can easily modify the clock speed of your CPU depending on your needs. It works like a PC; run heavy software by overclocking or underclock to save battery.

—> ROOT APPS: There are some nice and good apps you may found delivering some peculiar features often needs root access. You can try those app in your rooted phone. One I should mention is ‘Titanium Backup’ to have a complete backup of your device.

—> CHANGE RAM: Physically it i not possible to change RAM capacity of your Android; but virtually it is possible. Your phone can handle more apps at a time than before. All you need is to root your phone and use the app.

—> CUSTOM ROM/OS: Custom ROM is another interesting feature of Android OS which means custom OS. Developers modify Android and share; you can install those custom ROM to change your look or update OS version. Custom ROM always bear special features.

—> CHANGE BOOT ANIMATION/ FONTS: In your rooted phone you can modify everything from the start up screen/fonts to the icon or OS visual style. Visualize your Android OS to your dreams.

—> Wi-Fi Hotspot: Some data providers cost you bill more to use hotspot functionality. In a rooted OS use ‘Wireless Tether’ to use hotspot without any extra charge. Relax, your operator will never know a bit.

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