How to Use Free Airtel Internet in PC

A working Airtel free internet tricks for PC is now working with 3G speed (1mbps). The limitation is, only 100MB can be used per day. You need an Airtel SIM and a modem like GP 3G or Teletalk Flash Modem. As I always say, these tricks are from the operator, itself. You need to have any 3G internet package activated to have working internet connection. Let’s see, how to use free Airtel internet with 3G … Continue reading

How to Save Video From Browser Cache


Very often we watch videos online that is we stream videos but we can’t save it for future. So, here is the solution for you how to save video that you have seen once without re-downloading it again and without any other software. Actually, when you play a video online for the first time, it is fully downloaded and then played or simultaneously loaded & played. Every browser keeps this copy of files and you … Continue reading

How to Utilize Full Internet Bandwidth


There are things that prohibits the use or utilization of full internet bandwidth of your connection. You usually wont get 100% speed for your work like browsing or download. So, there are the ways below to enable you to utilize full bandwidth of your connection. Works to do: Drain out DNS Cache Disable Unnecessary Service Disable Bandwidth Reserves Update Network Card Driver Reset WinSock Drain Out DNS Cache: 1. Press the windows button and search … Continue reading

Search Files in File Sharing Sites Easily

Everyone knows that file sharing sites like mediafire, rapidshare, hotfile plays a very important role to browser. They offers an easier environment to share files without having any website/server or saving it from excessive loading. But users can’t search directly on those sites for their needed file. They also prevent search engines to index those download pages. So here is the way provided for you to search files from mediafire, rapidshare, Depositfiles, 4shared and hotfile. … Continue reading

Personal Windows Server Setup Tutorial for Beginners

At present there are hundreds of CMS (content management system) used by millions of site on the net. Most of them are free. To start one on your site you first need to work with them. Another more important thing, before crafting your art on the real one, if you can made a test and feel how it looks, it will be more professional. But learning a CMS like WordPress or Joomla is not like … Continue reading

Citycell Zoom Ultra Prepaid & Postpaid Internet Packages | Zoom Ultra Modem Prices in Bangladesh


Citycell is the only CDMA network operator of Bangladesh and Zoom Ultra is their well known internet service. Citycell is the only operator that provides at least 150kbps speed connection at any corner of the country. Citycell provides connection as prepaid & postpaid packages. A package includes a Huawei or ZTE CDMA USB modem and a RUIM (Removable User Identity Module) card. Citycell announces different data plans for different connections at different speed and different … Continue reading

Introductory HTML | First Step for Beginners to HTML

HTML is the main file type which enables us to view/browse websites through webbrowser like Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. This article is written for newbie so I am giving more elaboration about HTML. As you already know a file named a-name.mp3 is a music and we use media players to run this file. Usually a software or any type of file player/decoder understand the file format from its name which appears after the last dot … Continue reading

Buy or Transfer .com/.net/.org Domains at $0.98 on Namecheap for the 1st Year

Oh! Namecheap is again came back with its $0.98 deal for .COM/.NET/.ORG domains on new registration or transfer  for the 1st year. Each domain registration or transfer comes with free WhoisGuard and free Personal emailfor the first year also. Whatever they want from us is more 15000 retweets. As stated on their site: Coupon Details If enabled, the code will be valid for exactly 24 hours starting from July 16th 00:00 AM EST. The price … Continue reading

A Simple Way To View Websites Blocked By Your ISP

At present, Many Local ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks a number a websites, from blogs /news/social media to more technical content. Main reason behind this is to block unusual activity from a corporate network or from the library PC of a school or college or from a Wi-Fi network. Whatever the reason is it gets very frustrating when it gets in the way of doing your work. You may have tried to fix this but … Continue reading

How to Download Video Files from any Site

Everyday we visit many websites and many of them contains video file in their site. Some of them r usefull to u but u may not able or permitted to download them… The most widely used website which contains video file is YouTube.  There are a millions of them. So it is very essential to download this video without any additional software which may you need to purchase !!! In every website the video are … Continue reading