Twenty20 World Cup Schedules & Fixtures | T20 2014 Bangladesh


T20 World Cup 2014, scheduled to be played on three venues in Bangladesh. The venues are: Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong Sylhet Divisional Stadium, Sylhet Top 8 teams of ICC Twenty20 International Championship ranking on October 8, 2012, enters automatically to the super 10 stage. But the other 2 team are chosen from rest of the 8 teams. 8 teams are divided into 2 groups (A & B) and … Continue reading

One Click prefetch, %temp%, temp, recent Cleaner


Every times you run your computer, do your jobs; a number of junk files are created by the system and are stored in hard drives. These files are not erased by the system automatically. So those are being stored and your PC is getting slower. All we do is go to ‘run‘ type ‘prefetch‘ ; ‘%temp%‘ ; ‘temp‘ or ‘recent‘ and delete manually. I am giving you a one click solution of this problem just … Continue reading

Link Building Strategies for Blogger and Websites Owner | All About Link Building


What is Link Building? Link Building is a process performed by blog or website owners to get backlinks of their website or page. Remember, it is an overall process of putting links in other sites one by one. When the link of your website or a page of your website exist on a page of another website it is called a backlink. Link building means the process of creating backlinks. Why Link Building are Needed? … Continue reading

Covert Hidden Cameras Use & Abuse | Detecting a Spy Hidden camera


A hidden camera is like an ordinary camera to take snapshot and videos but it is kept in a hidden place or it cant be identified simply. You may seen several types of hidden miniature cameras on movies and games. In real, they are also exist but their use in domestic purpose is not so popular. Actually it doesn’t always means that its purpose of use is to interfere with someone’s personality. There exist a … Continue reading

Windows Run Commands for XP, Vista or Windows 7

A lot of features of Windows can be used through the Windows run command. It consumes more time to navigate through navigation menu. Several commands and applications can be launched from command screen. To go to run command prompt press ‘R’ while pressing the ‘Windows Key’ down [ Windows + R ]. And then to perform desired action type the command and press ‘Enter’. Action Windows Run Command Open Calculator calc Go to drive c: … Continue reading

Keep Browsing without any Track Left Behind

We usually go to many different sites. Most of these sites you may trust, but about rest you don’t know. These sites and also most popular site always run some scripts that track your browsing without your permit. These can be vulnerable in security for entrepreneurs, dealers or those who transact online. ’Do Not Track’ is to prevent this type of tracking. Get it from here for your Firefox browser. After installation a tab would … Continue reading