How to Write a Search Engine Optimized Post


If you are a beginner, just started a WordPress blog and don’t know how to SEO WordPress, only then this tips are right for you. After installing a wordpress blog you must do some SEO tweak and if you do that after a reasonable time it may cause bad result in return. To build a fully optimized site one have to start SEO from the beginning. Although there are search engines other than Google, people … Continue reading

How to Install WordPress on Computer Easily | Local Host WordPress on Your DOEL Laptop

WordPress is the best & widely used blogging platform. To learn ins and outs of it you need to spend a lot of time on it. But WordPress can only run on an active server having some required specification. But it will not be intellectual to learn it on the internet. A huge amount of data and time will be wasted depending on net speed. After all, your rough job will be visible on the … Continue reading

How to Show PostViews without any Plugin in WordPress


Post Views is the number represents that the number a post have been viewed by visitors. You can find many plugin on the keyword ‘Post View’ in WordPress database. These plugins like WP-PostView offer lot of customization like showing top post, most viewed, top in a category and …. But if you don’t know much about WordPress coding you can hardly use the variable they declare and hence can’t show PostView at the right place … Continue reading

How to Add Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) Manually to WordPress Blog : Part-2


This is the second part of the tutorial on how to implement Google custom search engine in your WordPress blog using the default search form and show the result with default template. You can find the first part here. At first let’s have a look at our jobs to do. All works in this part is to be done in your WordPress installation. This can be listed as: Defining Search Results (search.php) page Defining Page … Continue reading

How to Add Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) Manually to WordPress Blog : Part-1


Its true WordPress already has built in search function. Nevertheless, why we will use Google custom search is a good question. Well I will try to deliver as much I know. Built in search of WP is good for small sites but for bigger sites I think it’s different. It’s more logical to use Google CSE as it is more standard. Another important point is everyone has an idea about Google’s search algorithm and how … Continue reading