How to Change Keyboard Layout in Windows

Keyboard key assignment is the settings that tells Windows which button is pressed. The default assignment or keyboard layout is what you see marked on the key caps. In simple, when you press the ‘S’ button on your keyboard, the key layout tells Windows that the button were pressed was ‘S’. If you want, you can change that. You can set one key to act as another key. Even any key can be disabled modifying this setting. Lets see how to do that.

We will use SharpKeys, that will modify the registry settings of keyboard keys or keyboard layout. Go to this link and download the portable zipped version of this software. Run the program and you will see a window like this.


Click the ‘Add’ button to add a new change to the default. In the new window:

  • Click the button that you want to change from one to another.
  • Or you can disable it by selecting ‘Turn Key Off’ at right list.
  • You can directly select any key; click the ‘Type Key’ and press the button.

Then select ‘OK’ to add this change to the home screen.


When you have created the changes finally click the ‘Write to Registry’ and then restart your computer for the changes to take effect.


I have tested SharpKeys on my windows 7 to change my keyboard layout and it worked fine. Thus I have enabled my keyboard 100% workable though it had few damaged key button. I just replaced them with others

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