Documents Required to Open an Account in Sonali Bank

Sonali bank is one of the four govt. bank of Bangladesh. To open a new personal account in Sonali Bank you need to submit few documents that are mandatory. There are several kinds of accounts to be opened. And the required documents also varies.


To open a Personal account you need to submit this documents:

  1. 2 copy passport size color photographs of a/c opener
  2. Photocopy of Nationality document/certificate i.e. birth certificate
  3. National ID card photocopy
  4. 1 copy passport size photograph of the Nominee
  5. Photocopy of National ID/Birth/Chairman Certificate of Nominee
  6. Tk 1000/- have to be deposited
  7. A/c holder photo have to be attested by one who has an a/c in that (Sonali) bank
  8. Nominee’s photo have to be attested by the a/c opener (person who is opening the a/c)

So, there are 3 people you need to open your new a/c. You, your nominee and a person who has an account in this bank.

But if you are not opening a personal account for example partnership account or account for a limited company corresponding documents are needed.

At last I should say that these information can be changed at time to time. I gave this from my knowledge and the time of creation of this info is February, 2014.

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