Donkey Mail: Guaranteed Income

Many systems offering money to earn easily from online but the main flaw of these systems are you may get money but not as much and not as quickly as you think. Newbie always find it difficult choosing the right site to settle down. If you are so then look down.

Donkey Mails

DonkeyMail has PTC (paid to click), PTS (paid to signup), Paid to promote, Paid to review & other different offer. Follow the step and I guarantee you money from DonkeyMail. First click here to register. Enter your email and they will send you a confirmation link in your mailbox. Click the link, fill your info, choose a username (try to find one, this site has millions of user)  ….and you are done.

Now click “Members” at top left corner. Next page put your username & password.

Donkey Mails

In the middle of the page you would find a box like this which is your main navigation menu.

Donkey Mails

I am giving a sort description of important links:

Earning Status: All financial info.

Your Inbox: DonkeyMail sent you some paid mails in your site inbox. Clicking links on that mail will give money like PTC.

Paid2Signup: This is the main thing I concern about. It is the main earning source from DonkeyMail. Click that link.

Donkey Mails

Next page you will find something like this – a link or banner or ad and a space below each telling to paste the confirmation message. Now what you have to do is:

  • Click on a link
  • In a new tab the page will open
  • Find any link or icon telling to sign up there
  • Fill out the requirements
  • Check your mailbox for their mail
  • Click the confirmation link if there any
  • Activate your account
  • Copy the entire mail you got
  • Paste that mail in the box below the link you clicked

For a new user there is near about 12 signup offers available. If you finished all offers of the first page go to ‘Next Page’. Don’t do an offer twice. When all the pages you are done check back in 2-3 days and you will find 1-2 new offer.

Some important notes are:

  • This is a very big site, so have a lot of advertisement. Just ignore them and do what I say.
  • In the signup offers page there are some instructions. You may read them.
  • In the first signup page first few offer says to join as a premium member spending money, ignore them.
  • Don’t fall in love of sweet offers on those sites where you went to signup.
  • You will get paid in 2-3 days after submitting the confirmation mail.
  • Check earning status to know if you are been paid.
  • While signing up to DonkeyMail they ask where to send their paid mails, check site inbox only to keep your mailbox clean.
  • Those sites where you signed up may send you mail and over time your mailbox may become useless for personal purpose. So my suggestion is to create a new account for DonkeyMail.

Keep working with DonkeyMail and you won’t need another system to find out like me.

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