Download Google Play store Android Apps in PC Directly

Normally Google Play only allows you to download apps directly in your mobile. You can’t download any apps via your web browser into PC. So the solution there is to use “Real APK Leecher”. This soft makes a proxy of Android OS and enables you to download in your PC directly in .apk format.I described the in details so don’t get boaed. Let’s go to the process and start downloading in 2 minutes.

Step-1: Download necessary files

We need Real APK Leecher and this Software requires Java platform to run. Download
Real APK Leecher from here.
If you don’t have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed get it from here.
Unfortunately if link is broken go to FileHippo and search for JAVA(jre).

Step-2: Create download location

Go to C drive and create a folder named apk_apps. This is the place where the apps you download will be stored in .apk format.



Step-3: Run the leecher

Now double click on Real APK Leecher. You will see a screen like this if Java is properly installed.


If any network error occurs click OK.

Step-4: Search & Download

At the left corner box type the name of the apps then hit Enter.


Select an app by left click (you must select it first) and then right click on it. From the context menu click Download this app.


That’s all, wait a moment and it will be downloaded in the apk_apps folder.


Only one limitation is there; you can’t download apps that requires you to buy. I think you also wont prefer to buy apps by this software. Let’s start emptying the Google Play.

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