Folder Background Changer for Windows 7 or XP

Everyone wants to customize his own computer. In case of graphics, it’s the common everybody cares specially wallpapers. But if you want to change other graphical interface like folder icon or folder background then you came to the right place. Here I totally described how to set up custom folder background for each and every folder.

There I have given 3 methods. I have successfully tested method 1 & 2 in Windows 7 and Method 3 in Windows XP to set custom folder background.

Method 1: Manually Creating desktop.ini File:

In Windows every folder has a dsktop.ini file to load its customization. But normally it doesn’t exist. If you change anything then Windows create this file to load the changes each time you browse that folder. To create a new one , open Notepade and paste the few lines given below.
IconArea_Image="C:Usersuser_namemy picturesimage.jpg"

This should look something like below,


After that save the file as desktop.ini not desktop.ini.txt; select ‘All Files’ in the ‘Save as type’ box if you are facing problem. Now restart computer and find the background in the folder.
NOTE: The section IconArea_Image=”…” indicates the location of the image for background. Put the correct path and file name there. For the above example I have an image named image.jpg in My Pictures folder of Windows 7 OS.
You may also face a message asking if you want to replace your desktop.ini file. In that case follow method 2.

Method 2: Editing Old desktop.ini File:

This is a system file. First make it visible. Go to Folder Options from Control Panel > Folder Options or Tools > Folder Options.

folder-background-windows-7       folder-background-in-windows-7

Then in the next box mark the hidden OS files to be shown. Press OK, then you will see desktop.ini there. Open with Notepad and paste the above code there.


Save the file and restart your PC. That’s all.

Method 3: Using Folder Background Change.exe:

There is a program named Folder Background Change.exe which you can use to set background for folder as well as file name color and more in seconds.

1. First download the software from below.


2. Then open the program and click next.

3. Then select ‘Modify background picture and filename appearance‘ and click next.

4. Browse for the image that you want to set as background. Set filename appearance color, click next.


NOTE: You can also use software or themes that supports background for folder. In that case it use same background for all folder usually. You can also use the above program to set a background for your pendrive.

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