Grameen Phone Prepaid & Postpaid Internet Packages | Updated Plans

Grameenphone is one of the leading mobile network operator in Bangladesh. It leads the GSM communication here with its strong optical fiber network throughout the country (leased from Bangladesh Railway). So, Grameenphone is capable of providing speedy internet than others and it does so. There are several internet package available in different volume and price. Lets have a look of them in the table.


Prepaid & Postpaid Internet Data Plans & Packages

Package Name



SMS Activation Code (5000 Port)


Activation Code

Fair Usage Policy

Usage and Validity Check

P1 (Pay Per Use-Prepaid only)

Maximum Tk 20/Day @ 0.02/KB

Maximum Tk 200 for 30 days (Max Tk 20/day)



Applies after 10MB usage/day

*500*61# or USAGE to 5000

P1 (NEW Pay as you Go)

TK 0.01/KB

Maximum Tk 300 for 30 days




*500*61# or USAGE to 5000

P2 (Unlimited)

Tk 850/Month

Unlimited data



Applies after 5GB Usage


P3 (Nighttime Unlimited)

Tk 250/Month

Unlimited data from 12AM to 10AM. Charged @ Tk 0.02/KB at off time.



Applies after 5GB Usage


P4 (Daily-Prepaid only)

Tk 60/Day

150MB for 1 day (12.00AM to 11.59PM)



After 150MB


P5 (3GB)

Tk 700/Month

3GB for 30 Days. Extra usage @ Tk 0.01/10KB

P5, 3GB



*500*60# or VIEW to 5000

P6 (1GB)

Tk 300/Month

1GB for 30 Days. Extra usage @ Tk 0.01/10KB

P6, 1GB



*500*60# or VIEW to 5000

Minipack 1MB

Tk 2.50

1MB (2MB promotional) + 2 MMS for 2 Days. Extra usage @ Tk 0.01/10KB

1MB, OFF to turn off

*500*11*1# or 1MB


*500*60# or VIEW to 5000

Minipack 3MB

Tk 9

3MB + 3MMS for 7 Days. Extra usage @ Tk 0.01/10KB

3MB, OFF to turn off



*500*60# or VIEW to 5000

Minipack 15MB

Tk 29

15MB for 15 Days. Extra usage @ Tk 0.01/10KB




*500*60# or VIEW to 5000

Minipack 99MB

Tk 99/15 Days

99MB for 15 Days. Extra usage @ Tk 0.01/10KB




*500*60# or VIEW to 5000


GP Prepaid/Postpaid Internet Package – Points to Note:

    • To activate any package send the activation code i.e. P1 (to enable the P1 package) to 5000
    • No charge applies on any SMS to 5000
    • You will be notified via SMS after activating a packages if it has auto renew feature
    • If sufficient balance is available auto renewable packages will be renewed automatically for the upcoming days.
    • Send off to 5000 to turn off the auto renewing feature of your current package. Don’t worry, it won’t deactivate your current package.
    • If balance not available/sufficient; auto renewing will not happen and the package will be cancelled totally.
    • 15% VAT applicable on all charges.
    • When FUP is applied bandwidth will be throttled to 24 kbps (3 KB/sec).
    • Cancellation process of package P2 for Postpaid user is different. Visit to know in detail.
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