How to Hide a Drive of Windows Computer

Want to protect or hide your files and folders from others? There are a lot of software that provides folder locking, drive locking and several methods to protect you. But these involves two limitations:

  • It involves 3rd party soft
  • Everyone knows about them but can’t access.
  • Even you can’t access them without the particular program

So the need raises to hide your files & folders without keeping any track left behind that you hide your files. This necessity is meet by the drive hiding method. It provides:

  • No track of your hidden files
  • Can’t access without mounting it again

So, let’s begin with the procedure.

Method to Hide a Drive:

Press Windows + R button simultaneously to go to Run command and type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter.


Disk Management will show all the available drives of your Hard Disk. Now click the the right button on the drive name you want to hide. Select Change Drive Letter and Paths from the Menu. Here I am going to hide Ubuntu(J) drive from Windows Explorer.


In the new Window click Remove. Windows will prompt to recheck your decision. Click Yes.


Then in a moment, you will see that there is no drive letter besides the drive name, in the Disk Management Window.


From now, no one can access this drive using any trick and they won’t even notice there is drive. Look at the changes of my Laptop in My Computer.


To access your files again click the Add button in Change Drive Letter and Paths Window. Assign a Letter for the drive and you will find the drive in My Computer again. It works on My Windows 7.

There is another complex method available using command prompt. If you need this write in comment.

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