How Can I remove Delta Search from Browsers Totally

Delta search is a malicious virus type toolbar. I didn’t installed it in my PC intentionally. Once I was installing an app and it asked to install Delta Toolbar. It was recommended to install and I clicked YES. That was the fault. It wasted my valuable time to fix it. Here is the fault of mine.


While installing any 3rd party apps make sure that you read the changes it will cause. Or you will end up with malware / PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs). No more gossiping; below is a step by step guide to uninstall Delta-Search from different browser.

How to uninstall from Internet Explorer:

First go to Tools > Internet Options or press Alt+T then press O. In the General tab change your Home page from to default or other.

Then go to Programs Tab; click on Manage Add-ons.

In the Toolbars and Extensions section search any one of this:

  • Delta Toolbar
  • Mixi.DJ
  • Yontoo extensions

And if anyone is there disable / remove.


In the Search Provider section delete Delta search and choose any other as default.

How to remove from Firefox:

Go to Tools > Add-ons (Alt+T then A). In the Extension and Plugins tab look for Delta-search and remove it. The problem arise there is though you change your Home page in Tools > Options Firefox always show you as home page. The bl**dy toolbar makes deep change so it happens.


To resolve it, type about:config in the address bar and hit enter. Click ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!’ and you will see a big list. Search for browser.newtab.url and right click on it and select default. That’s all.

How to get rid of Delta in Chrome:

First delete Delta Search extension form Google Chrome. Go to Chrome menu then Tools > Extensoins and delete whatever its name Delta-Toolbar, Mixi.DJ or Yontoo extension.

Again go to Chrome Menu > Settings > Manage search engines make Google as default and delete delta-search.


To set your new tab/ home page go to Settings then select ‘Open the New Tab page’ at On startup section. That’s all for Google Chrome.

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