How to Write a Search Engine Optimized Post

If you are a beginner, just started a WordPress blog and don’t know how to SEO WordPress, only then this tips are right for you. After installing a wordpress blog you must do some SEO tweak and if you do that after a reasonable time it may cause bad result in return. To build a fully optimized site one have to start SEO from the beginning.

Although there are search engines other than Google, people always talk about Google. Google is the leading search engine. It is enough to do SEO for Google as a beginner. Instructions given here are fully applicable for Google. But not a bullshit for others.

It is much annoying to read literature other than main subject, but it also gives a basic. So, I distinguished my literature to save your time.

Learn How to SEO WordPress

Literature: Conventional SEO vs WordPress SEO

There are tons of thousands of tips on the net about SEO. When I started blogging I usually read them with great interest.. Over time I have learned a lot more about SEO reading a huge amount of literature. I used to read more than blogging. It made me happy that I know how to rank well in SERP (search engine result page). At last when I started to blog frequently I discovered myself with no knowledge about how to optimize WordPress; my content wasn’t ranking well. So, again I bound to learn, but then, it is how to SEO WordPress?

You may ask, why I said, I have no knowledge about WordPress SEO though I read a lot?

This answer is very important. There is a huge, again huge difference in the SEO strategies between a new blog and a well page ranked blog/site. If a new site comes out with a well written unique content and general content from a good site then usually, Google will rank the good site above the new one. There exist other factors too. That’s why I said usually, which means most of the case. So, the SEO strategies will be different based on your site status.

If you search on Google about SEO and read the top sites about how they ranked #1 in SERP then it will only raise your knowledge; you can’t expect good result from those strategies. Competition on keyword ‘SEO’ is very high. As a beginner you can never rank well for high competitive keywords. So their SEO strategies are different than you.

Main Content: How to SEO WordPress at Start

If you are at the beginning of your blog then you must consider this settings to be set before going further more. Let’s start elaborating.

SEO Plugin: While writing each and every post of your blog you have to optimize them in real time. There are tons of free plugins on SEO. But I think the best one out there is ‘WordPress SEO’. I am using it. Proper use of it can help you rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).


Site Title: Go to ‘Settings‘>‘General‘ from Dashboard and edit ‘Site Title’. If yours is a niche specific site then make title on your niche and keep it small. Otherwise match it with your domain. This title will appear in all type pages at the end of that page title. You can also change title template from ‘SEO’>‘Titles and Metas’ when the above plugin is installed.


Post Permalink: Go to ‘General‘>’Permalink‘ and change to any one between ‘Post name’, ‘Day and name’ and ‘Month and name’. Then ‘Save Changes’.


Home Page Title: As ‘WordPress SEO’ is installed as said above go to ‘SEO‘>’Titles and Metas‘ from navigation menu. Select ‘Force rewrite titles’ and ‘Use meta keywords tag?’ check box in ‘General’ tab. Then go to ‘Home’ tab and put a title, description and keywords for home page of your site. This info bears huge importance for niche specific sites. But if not, then put keywords that you are going to blog on. Keywords have to be inserted with a space and comma. For example:

keyword1, keyword2, keyword3….., keywordN

Meta description is like phrase of words on your niche or subject. For instance let’s have a look at the meta description of a mixed topic (not niche specific) blog:

eBook downloads, free antivirus and malware security, wordpress tip and tricks, free premium themes, wordpress seo tips,……., free android apps

Don’t forget to press the ‘Save Settings’ after all.
Sitemap Plugin: It is very important to generate a sitemap of your site and place it in the root directory. Install the plugin ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ and automate the process.

How to SEO a WordPress Post

This plugin will generate an xml site map located at http://yourdomain/sitemap.xml. Include a link from your homepage to sitemap; this will help crawlers (search engine bot) to index your site properly. Go to ‘Settings‘>’XML-Sitemap‘ and build it for the first time. After publishing a new post rebuild the sitemap manually.
These are the tweaks should have to be done at start. After the set up of base, it’s time to create good content. An important point I should mention here, it takes hard labor to be good but one mistake can ruin them all. The mistake is cheating. I shall elaborate it more at the end.

Literature: Types of SEO

There are two kinds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO); On page and Off page optimization. Off page optimization refers to those strategies that do not applied on your content/page. On page optimization refers to those strategies applied on your content/page. While writing a post you have to craft On page optimization strategies properly.

Main Content: How to SEO a WordPress Post

Now lets see how to write a search engine optimized WordPress post. As we have installed a plugin ‘WordPress SEO’ so you will see a new box named ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast‘ having 3 tab – General, Page Analysis -and Advanced; like the snap below.
How to use WordPress SEO Plugin
Lets now begin how to SEO WordPress post properly. 3 tabs are indicated at the top. In the general tab there are 4 box. A brief about them is given below:

  • At the beginning of writing a post on a subject define a keyword/keyphrase that you want your post to optimize and put it in the ‘Focus Keyword‘ box indicated by 1.
  • Then you have to write a short description of your article in ‘Meta Description‘ box. It is important that you included your focus keyword here. Keep it short as indicated below the box. It’s a good practice to write the post first and then summarize it here.
  • In the ‘Meta Keywords‘ box put related keywords on your subject. Don’t forget to include your focus keyword. Break long key phrase and put intelligently. It’s a good practice to write the post first and then put the most related keywords here.
  • In the SEO title box, if you press ‘Generate SEO title‘ a title of the post based on your ‘Title template‘ will be shown. If you want to change it first generate and then make changes. To change the template go to ‘SEO‘>’Titles and Metas‘>’Post Types‘ tab from left side navigation. I think the default template is OK.
  • In the ‘Snippet Preview‘ section, a preview of your presence in SERP is shown when someone do a search on Google using your focus keyword. SEO Title and Meta Description is visible here. By default date is also shown if you don’t disable it from SEO plugin settings.

How to Optimize a WordPress Post

  • When you complete a full post or a few para of it; update or save as draft, then go to ‘Page Analysis‘ tab. You will see an SEO report of your post here. Green signals are good; others are OK, but be sure there is no red signal.
  • It’s another good practice to insert related image in your post and use your keyword in alt image tag once.
  • Advanced‘ tab is for few advanced tasks; you don’t need them usually.

Points to Note: How to SEO a Post

Above we have discussed how to SEO WordPress and a WordPress post. But SEO is not the only factor to rank well for long.

  • Writing contents only for search engines is a must to avoid. Copy paste is another mistake that most newbies do. Never copy anything from another website in to your post. You will be black listed.
  • Do a keyword research on your subject to find low competitive keyword. Beginner should avoid high competitive keyword. You can use Google Adwords: Keyword Tool for free.
  • Don’t try to cloak search engines using your humor; there were more humorous people than you tried to win the game. Keep the game fair; don’t put your keyword unnecessarily. Again don’t spam the search engines; they are very much familiar with it. Each word of your content can be verified. They will just eliminate you not only from SERP but also from their database.

How to SEO WordPress for Better Ranking
At last, you will find a new section named ‘SEO‘ after installing ‘WordPress SEO‘ which will show the overall SEO status of your post. Don’t publish your post until it is green (Good). But sometimes you may have to, considering your keyword. These are the basics of how to SEO WordPress blog. Hope these will help you. I tried to expand much for new blogger. Have any question? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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