How to Take Unrooted Android Phone’s Screenshot

There is a lot of apps available in the Google Play store; but you may notice that those don’t work on unrooted phones. To take screenshot of unrooted phones follow this steps.
Actually few super user access is required to take the screenshot of Android. This is possible in rooted phone. To take screenshot of unrooted Android, you need to have some modification done for the app to work. In this tutorial you make the modification done by a program from your computer once and then use the No Root Screenshot It forever. Lets start the process.

Step-1: Download necessary files

Download the ScreenShotItEnabler.exe file by clicking here and install in PC.
Download No Root Screenshot It.apk by clicking here and install in your mobile

Step-2: Install device

Now you have to connect your device with computer. First enable USB debugging of your device to connect it properly. To enable go to Setting > Applications > Development > USB debugging and place a tick mark on it.
Now connect via USB cable with PC; DO Not Enable tethering or USB mass storage. In a moment your Android device will be installed. To be sure, right click on My Computer and go to Device Manager. If installed you can see the name.


Step-3: Happy ending

Now run ScreenShotItEnabler in PC and No Root Screenshot It in mobile. If device is installed correctly and everything is alright you will find the icons of ScreenShotItEnabler is active (that means icons are not faded). Look at the difference in the pic.


If it finds your Android as in the left side, please click Enable Screenshot It. Everything is done correctly you see a confirmation window. Disconnect the device and take screenshot of your Android screen without any root access. At last here is a screenshot of my Symphony Xplorer W30 (Gingerbread).


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