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What is Link Building?

Link Building is a process performed by blog or website owners to get backlinks of their website or page. Remember, it is an overall process of putting links in other sites one by one. When the link of your website or a page of your website exist on a page of another website it is called a backlink. Link building means the process of creating backlinks.

Why Link Building are Needed?

Well, to let everyone know that you or your website is online link building is needed. A fact, a particular backlink may be beneficial or not; but link building do. Actually when you make your footprint on World Wide Web only your friends can know that directly. To let everyone know your content from search engine results you should optimize your site for search engines. Link building is one most important strategy of SEO. That’s why you should pass the link building process. There is also a lot more benefits of link building. For every new website link building is a must.

How to Build Links?

Listed below are the top tactics for link building for your website or blog.

  1. Article Submission – Submit your articles and contents to articles directories that are popular.
  2. Directory Submission – You can also submit your site to popular blog directories because they give you lot of backlinks.
  3. Forum Posting – sForum posting is also another way of getting backlinks. Signup for several high PR (Page Rank) forums and gain reputation to have high quality backlinks.
  4. Blog Commenting – It is another easy way of having backlinks to your blog. Remember don’t make spammy comments in high PR sites. It’s not about quantity at all but quality.
  5. Profile Page – On different site you can register and make your own profile. Put the link in your profile page.
  6. Press Release – Make your own press release and share if your website has something newsworthy to publicize, distribute press releases through services like PRWeb. This can be a great way to build links quickly.
  7. Social Media – Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc to have natural backlinks of highly targeted traffic.
  8. Link Building Service – If you can afford hire a link builder company and ask them to create proper backlinks for you.
  9. PR 3.0 – Start your own Wiki that points to your articles from Blogspot or Myspace or WordPress.
  10. Write Reviews – At sites like Alexa, Amazon, Yahoo Answers and Wiki participate in reviews.
  11. Trending & Tracking – Keep a check on the latest trends and track the records of the keywords most searched on Social Bookmarking sites.
  12. Guest Posting – This method is very good as you have full power of posting a relevant article and taking a link from the right keyword. Find sites that accept guest post and make a good post for them under their rules.
  13. Classified Ads – Post relevant content on the popular forums like Kijiji and CraigsList but don’t do much.
  14. Get.Gov Links – Get this link by doing some work for the government free of cost.
  15. Create Free E-book – Create an ebook with content of actual value and share it freely with others. Don’t forget to put your links,; this is a valuable way of having backlinks.
  16. Link Sharing – Find relevant sites and ask them to put your link on their site in return you put their link on your site.
  17. Sharing on Youtube – Youtube can be a great source of traffic, so running a valuable channel can be a great way of new backlinks.
  18. Get .edu’s Links – Drop some ads on the student sites and get some edu links.
  19. Participating Blog Carousels – Being a blog carousel member, a new link building possibilities that you can submit links to be shared with others.
  20. Submits your Feed – Submit your blog RSS feed on RSS submission sites to keep everyone updated.
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