How to Make 3D Glass in 10 Minutes at Home

Two types of 3D glasses are available – Polarized glass and Red/Cyan glass. I’m not going to discuss about the polarized lens 3D glasses; materials aren’t available. Rather you can make colored lens 3D glass in 10 minutes. Let’s start the process of making/building.


Step 1: Transparent Medium

To watch 3D Movie or Picture 3D glasses are must. To make one we first find some transparent material, whether hard or soft plastic polythene; make sure it’s transparent. Jewel cases, transparent mobile screen protector may work fine.

Step 2: Permanent Marker

Now you need one red permanent marker and one cyan/blue permanent marker. Marker’s color should have to be same as that of the color of 3D glasses available in the market.

Step 3: Marking the Glass

Now mark the transparent medium fully with the markers. Equally mark both parts with equal density. Remember that red glass is for left eye and cyan for the right.


Step 4: Mounting 3D Glass

Now use hard paper to make a frame and mount the glasses using gums or as you wish. Be sure to mount the Cyan on the Right eye and Red on the left eye.


Step 5: KM Player (3D Media Player)

To play 3D media files you need a compatible Media Players and KM Player is out there for free. To download KM player go to then search for KM Player. You will see a button on the left bottom corner of KM Player. Click this button to change 3D viewing modes if needed.

That’s all. Now you can use this glass to watch Movie and get 3 dimensional effects. It is worth to mention that this handmade product may not serve the best experience. 3D glasses of this kind are available in the market as low as $ 1 [Tk 150+ in BD]. We have also mentioned polarized lens which cost more.

NOTE: Put Cyan/Blue on left and Red on the Right side.

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