Microworkers Starts to Support PayPal to Withdraw

Microworkers started to process payments through PayPal. As noted there, it will take 7.5% fee for withdrawal. This is a good news for all to have the most renowned service in action. Remember, you can only request your earnings when you reach $9+7.5% = $9.675 on Microworkers. Look at the proof screenshot below.


When I started to work on Microworkers for the first time, I were very keen to have all my balance in my Paypal account. Reason is very simple, I could use it almost everywhere. I have heard from somewhere on the net that Microworkers previously had PayPal as a processor. One source is http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php?topic=169334.0. But than, over time they stopped withdrawals/payments through PayPal.
So, I opened a support ticket on 10/08/2012 requesting them to restart PayPal explaining its importance. Here is the screenshot.


The above image shows that when I sent the support request and here is the full message shown below.


At last, it is not important that whose opinion MW cared; but I am so happy to write something about it here. Bye. May our creator bless us.

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