Hack Bandwidth From Your Broadband Connection

In recent times, many internet users are using broadband connections but they hardly get any good consistent bandwidth. They are facing problems to work around. So I am giving you a trick to try. If you are using broadband then now you can hack your connection to make it speedy. However, you should care that; if you hack speed then the ISP will face many losses. So, Lets start hacking!! At first, download Advance IP … Continue reading

DOEL Standard Model 2603 Laptop Specification

DOEL Standard Model 2603 is far better than Model 2102 & Model 2703. It’s the Doel branded product by Telephone Silpa Sangstha of Bangladesh. DOEL Standard is designed to offer a higher performance within a standard Netbook form factors. With a better emphasis on performance DOEL Standard is actually an enhanced version of DOEL Basic with some extended configurations and better efficiency.     As like its predecessor, its model no also derived from a … Continue reading

How to Recover Files from a Formatted Pendrive/ Hard Disk


Sometimes we face the fact that we want the files back we just deleted from the hard drive. Or the worst thing occurs when you unfortunately formats your Pen-drive or Hard Drive. Well first you should know that any files from a storage memory can be recovered. There is a lot of software available for the purpose file recovery on the internet. In this tutorial, I will show how to recover files that you deleted/formatted … Continue reading

How To speed Up Your PC

Have you just noticed that your over time your PC became slower than before? When you start an action your hard disk indicator light often blink? Take too time to open a software or document? No problem, there are ways you can follow to fix it. Read down here. Read to speed up your PC.                 1. Make Sure That Your  PC Supports The Programs that you intend to use. Above and beyond everything you … Continue reading

DOEL Advanced Model 1612 Laptop Specification

  DOEL Advanced is the final and best one in this series which has better configuration than the other versions namely: Primary, Basic and Standard. DOEL Advanced is for advanced users, as it says.         Like other models its model number also comes from an historical event. To commemorate our victory day 16th December, 1971 (16-12-1971) the model 1612 has been chosen.     DOEL Primary was not a desirable, DOEL Advanced … Continue reading

How to Download Video Files from any Site

Everyday we visit many websites and many of them contains video file in their site. Some of them r usefull to u but u may not able or permitted to download them… The most widely used website which contains video file is YouTube.  There are a millions of them. So it is very essential to download this video without any additional software which may you need to purchase !!! In every website the video are … Continue reading

DOEL Basic Model 0703 Laptop Specification

  If you are looking for buying Doel 0703, then you should first know that Model 0703 is a Notebook type PC. It is the 2nd cheapest model of Doel series laptop till now. The Doel primary Model was basically an Android operated device, but this device is truthfully compatible with Windows/Linux. It features an Intel Atom processor and with an Intel Chipset.It is useful for common purposes. It’s Ideal for University students, Business people, … Continue reading

Doel Laptop Introduced by Bangladesh | DOEL Brand

To achieve the goal of “Vision 2021” as depicted by “Auami League” a political party of Bangladesh before Government Election as an agenda, some remarkable steps have been made.“Vision 2021” is an aim to make “Digital Bangladesh” before 2021. Digital Bangladesh means to spread information technology all over the country. To ensure this, technological devices for the masses have to be ensured. So the govt. party has taken some hard and fast steps to ensure … Continue reading

DOEL Primary Model 2102 Laptop Specification

Doel Primary 2102 is the cheapest laptop model of DOEL series which will cost 10,500-/ BDT in Bangladesh. It is actually not a laptop rather a netbook because it does not have common features of today’s so called laptops such as a power consuming processor, optical disk drive, large amount of storage space …& so on. It has an Android OS installed in factory release. It’s also compatible with Windows CE 6.0; Details configuration of … Continue reading