How to Recover Files from a Formatted Pendrive/ Hard Disk

Sometimes we face the fact that we want the files back we just deleted from the hard drive. Or the worst thing occurs when you unfortunately formats your Pen-drive or Hard Drive. Well first you should know that any files from a storage memory can be recovered. There is a lot of software available for the purpose file recovery on the internet. In this tutorial, I will show how to recover files that you deleted/formatted Pendrive/HDD using a free software Recuva.

First Download the latest version of Recuva from Install and open the app.


You will find the Welcome Wizard which will guide you through, to recover your files. Here click Next.


In the next Window select the type of file you want to recover/restore otherwise select All Files. This will help to sanitize your search result. Then go to Next.


Here you can select a folder/drive/pendrive. Recuva will scan your entire drive and show desired files. In case of folder search, it will only show files that it detects as under that folder.


Here you can enable Deep Scan or not. Deep scan takes time and it usually recovers all files that are recoverable. Normal scan is enough for recovering files you have deleted very recent. Now press Start.


Now you will see a file list after a while. You can choose list view or tree view. You can also sort the file list according to File name/Path/Last Modified/Size/State. Select multiple files holding the Ctrl button, right click on any one and Recover Highlighted files. Or mark/check those file and Recover Checked files. That’s the end.

This para is unnecessarily describes how this is possible. Files are stored on memory modules by first dividing it into many parts and then saving into several free memory blocks of the storage device. Then all of the part location of the file in the memory device is saved in the register. When you delete a file its registry entry is deleted only; but the content still in those memory blocks. It is a quick method of deleting. When you write another file those blocks are rewritten then. Recovery software scans/reads the device from the root and detects those contents that are not rewritten.

So if you delete any of your files from the memory, don’t put any new files or the file might be totally lost.

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