Speed Moto.apk Android Games Free Download

Speed Moto is a racing game. Specifically a bike racing game. Moving your phone left / right you have to control the bike. Look at those screen shots below.

Speed Moto v1.7.0 for Android
Speed Moto v1.7.0 free Android Games
Speed Moto v1.7.0 free Download Games
Speed Moto .apk  v1.7.0 free Download

Speed Moto requires Android Operating System version 2.1 or better to run. I have tested it on my 2.3.6 Gingerbread. It runs well. To say actually, I didn’t like it much.

Download the Android installer in apk format from here.

NOTE: To download click Free Download then wait for 30 sec. After that enter captcha and download the apk file. You can also download it from Android using Secure browser or any other if it support JavaScript.

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