Documents Required to Open an Account in Sonali Bank


Sonali bank is one of the four govt. bank of Bangladesh. To open a new personal account in Sonali Bank you need to submit few documents that are mandatory. There are several kinds of accounts to be opened. And the required documents also varies. To open a Personal account you need to submit this documents: 2 copy passport size color photographs of a/c opener Photocopy of Nationality document/certificate i.e. birth certificate National ID card photocopy … Continue reading

Covert Hidden Cameras Use & Abuse | Detecting a Spy Hidden camera


A hidden camera is like an ordinary camera to take snapshot and videos but it is kept in a hidden place or it cant be identified simply. You may seen several types of hidden miniature cameras on movies and games. In real, they are also exist but their use in domestic purpose is not so popular. Actually it doesn’t always means that its purpose of use is to interfere with someone’s personality. There exist a … Continue reading