Search Engine Optimization (SEO) eBook in Bangla

You made a good site which is more informative about a topic and you expected a lot of traffic but you don’t. This is because one more important job yet to do. This job is search engine optimization. There exist a lot of strategies to optimize a website. Main two types are Black Hat SEO (illegal) and White Hat SEO (legal). Black Hat SEO is a no-no. It will nip all your labor in the … Continue reading

Read Bangla Website From Mobile

At present the tech world is getting mobilized day by day. People in developed countries as well as developing and undeveloped countries use their mobile device to get different types of information. But, most of the mobile users don’t know how to view non English website from their mobile. Honestly it’s not possible to view a non English website from all mobile devices unless it has one of the following features:    It supports that … Continue reading