How to Change Keyboard Layout in Windows

Keyboard key assignment is the settings that tells Windows which button is pressed. The default assignment or keyboard layout is what you see marked on the key caps. In simple, when you press the ‘S’ button on your keyboard, the key layout tells Windows that the button were pressed was ‘S’. If you want, you can change that. You can set one key to act as another key. Even any key can be disabled modifying … Continue reading

How to Use Free Airtel Internet in PC

A working Airtel free internet tricks for PC is now working with 3G speed (1mbps). The limitation is, only 100MB can be used per day. You need an Airtel SIM and a modem like GP 3G or Teletalk Flash Modem. As I always say, these tricks are from the operator, itself. You need to have any 3G internet package activated to have working internet connection. Let’s see, how to use free Airtel internet with 3G … Continue reading

How to Save Video From Browser Cache


Very often we watch videos online that is we stream videos but we can’t save it for future. So, here is the solution for you how to save video that you have seen once without re-downloading it again and without any other software. Actually, when you play a video online for the first time, it is fully downloaded and then played or simultaneously loaded & played. Every browser keeps this copy of files and you … Continue reading

How to Utilize Full Internet Bandwidth


There are things that prohibits the use or utilization of full internet bandwidth of your connection. You usually wont get 100% speed for your work like browsing or download. So, there are the ways below to enable you to utilize full bandwidth of your connection. Works to do: Drain out DNS Cache Disable Unnecessary Service Disable Bandwidth Reserves Update Network Card Driver Reset WinSock Drain Out DNS Cache: 1. Press the windows button and search … Continue reading

Android Contact Backup Soft Free Download | How to Use


Super Backup: SMS & Contacts is a free Android apps. Super Backup can take a backup of all of your contacts in a moment in a small, single *.vcf file. Then store this file in a secure place like Laptop. You can also import this file to your Google account very easily. It is a lightweight app of only 140KB and also supports older versions of Android OS like Gingerbread. Super Backup not only backup … Continue reading

How to Create a New Partition in Windows in 5 Minutes


In this tutorial you will find how to create a new partition/drive in the Hard disk of Windows operated PC. You won’t need any 3rd party software, rather we will use built in Windows Disk Management utility to do the job. Follow the steps below to create a new partition in 5 minutes. Creating New Partition/Drive by Disk Management: First press Windows+R button together to open Run command window. Type diskmgmt.msc in the box and … Continue reading

How to Make 3D Glass in 10 Minutes at Home


Two types of 3D glasses are available – Polarized glass and Red/Cyan glass. I’m not going to discuss about the polarized lens 3D glasses; materials aren’t available. Rather you can make colored lens 3D glass in 10 minutes. Let’s start the process of making/building. Step 1: Transparent Medium To watch 3D Movie or Picture 3D glasses are must. To make one we first find some transparent material, whether hard or soft plastic polythene; make sure … Continue reading

How to Hide a Drive of Windows Computer


Want to protect or hide your files and folders from others? There are a lot of software that provides folder locking, drive locking and several methods to protect you. But these involves two limitations: It involves 3rd party soft Everyone knows about them but can’t access. Even you can’t access them without the particular program So the need raises to hide your files & folders without keeping any track left behind that you hide your … Continue reading

How to Make a Bootable Pendrive Using .iso File in 5 min.


Bootable pen drive is a very handy tool while you are not willing to burn a new CD or DVD to boot a system like Netbook as it has no optical drive. Most of the people don’t know that a bootable pen drive can be made easily by their own. In this tutorial, you will find an easier way to make a bootable pen drive from ISO disk image file in 5 minutes. So, first … Continue reading

How Can I remove Delta Search from Browsers Totally


Delta search is a malicious virus type toolbar. I didn’t installed it in my PC intentionally. Once I was installing an app and it asked to install Delta Toolbar. It was recommended to install and I clicked YES. That was the fault. It wasted my valuable time to fix it. Here is the fault of mine. While installing any 3rd party apps make sure that you read the changes it will cause. Or you will … Continue reading