How to Write a Search Engine Optimized Post


If you are a beginner, just started a WordPress blog and don’t know how to SEO WordPress, only then this tips are right for you. After installing a wordpress blog you must do some SEO tweak and if you do that after a reasonable time it may cause bad result in return. To build a fully optimized site one have to start SEO from the beginning. Although there are search engines other than Google, people … Continue reading

How Can I remove Delta Search from Browsers Totally


Delta search is a malicious virus type toolbar. I didn’t installed it in my PC intentionally. Once I was installing an app and it asked to install Delta Toolbar. It was recommended to install and I clicked YES. That was the fault. It wasted my valuable time to fix it. Here is the fault of mine. While installing any 3rd party apps make sure that you read the changes it will cause. Or you will … Continue reading

How to Show PostViews without any Plugin in WordPress


Post Views is the number represents that the number a post have been viewed by visitors. You can find many plugin on the keyword ‘Post View’ in WordPress database. These plugins like WP-PostView offer lot of customization like showing top post, most viewed, top in a category and …. But if you don’t know much about WordPress coding you can hardly use the variable they declare and hence can’t show PostView at the right place … Continue reading

Keep Browsing without any Track Left Behind

We usually go to many different sites. Most of these sites you may trust, but about rest you don’t know. These sites and also most popular site always run some scripts that track your browsing without your permit. These can be vulnerable in security for entrepreneurs, dealers or those who transact online. ’Do Not Track’ is to prevent this type of tracking. Get it from here for your Firefox browser. After installation a tab would … Continue reading