How to Make 3D Glass in 10 Minutes at Home


Two types of 3D glasses are available – Polarized glass and Red/Cyan glass. I’m not going to discuss about the polarized lens 3D glasses; materials aren’t available. Rather you can make colored lens 3D glass in 10 minutes. Let’s start the process of making/building. Step 1: Transparent Medium To watch 3D Movie or Picture 3D glasses are must. To make one we first find some transparent material, whether hard or soft plastic polythene; make sure … Continue reading

How to Download Video Files from any Site

Everyday we visit many websites and many of them contains video file in their site. Some of them r usefull to u but u may not able or permitted to download them… The most widely used website which contains video file is YouTube.  There are a millions of them. So it is very essential to download this video without any additional software which may you need to purchase !!! In every website the video are … Continue reading