How to Use Free Airtel Internet in PC

A working Airtel free internet tricks for PC is now working with 3G speed (1mbps). The limitation is, only 100MB can be used per day. You need an Airtel SIM and a modem like GP 3G or Teletalk Flash Modem. As I always say, these tricks are from the operator, itself. You need to have any 3G internet package activated to have working internet connection. Let’s see, how to use free Airtel internet with 3G speed.

Setting Free Internet Prerequisite:

First, write *121*7# and browse to activate 3G Pay as You Go Package and wait for confirmation message. As confirmed write LU30 and send to 5000 to activate 30MB data for 1 month @ Tk10 and wait for confirmation message. You must subscribed to any internet package to have connection.
Second, insert the Airtel SIM in the modem and connect to PC. Go to Tools > Settings > Profile Management of modem interface. Click “Add” to add a new setting.


Third, at the new Window, insert the following data as given:


Config name:  Airtel WAP
Dial number:  *99#
APN Name:  wap
PDP Type:  IP
Authentication mode:  PAP
> Obtain DNS server address automatically
> Obtain PDP server address automatically

Fourth, Download the simple server setup software and extract it in a folder.

adownloadFifth, set proxy as and port 8080 to access free Airtel internet from any program.


For setting up Firefox proxy go to Tools > Options > Advanced tab. Then click Settings in Network tab. Click Manual proxy configuration and input the data.

To set up Inter Downlod Manager (IDM) proxy go to Options > Proxy/Socks and put the proxy info as below.


How to start each Time:

Connect the modem with Computer. Click “Connect“. Open the “XT181PP” and click on “Listen” only; then minimize. There is nothing more to do. Open your browser and start browsing.


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